2012 Yamaha RS Vector L-TX

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The RS Vector L-TX delivers everything you could want in a first-class cross country snowmobile and more.

New Electric Power Steering (EPS) and revised front suspension geometry make the popular RS Vector L-TX even more inviting on long rides. The potent Mid-Performance fuel injected Genesis engine produces surprisingly quick acceleration and instant throttle response with its advanced fuel injection. When you let off the throttle, the EBRS helps you coast smoothly to a stop rather than decelerating under engine braking. Yamaha's EPS system coupled with new front suspension geometry delivers easy, precise steering, enabling you to ride harder, faster, and longer while minimizing fatigue. The RS Vector L-TX hosts premium GYTR dual clicker shocks up front and the Mono Shock II 136 in back for supreme ride quality and comfort. The RS Vector L-TX is packed with Yamaha Advantages, making it the ultimate cross country cruising machine.