2013 Yamaha TT-R50E

2013 TTR50
For the younger, smaller off-road fanatics in your family, look no further than the user-friendly TT-R50E.

The 50 cc four-stroke engine feeds power through a three-speed semi-automatic transmission, great for learning and playing. It's got the style of a big YZ, but low enough for the little ones to climb aboard with a seat that's only 555 mm (21.9 in.) above the ground. Once they're going, you'll be glad to know, the TT-R50E is equipped with powerful drum brakes for dependable stopping power and a speed limiter screw. Like all Yamaha's, TT-R's are packed full of leading-edge engineering and stand up to our stringent standards for reliability. They're built to last. The only thing we can't do is stop your little ones from out growing them! But we've got their next Yamaha waiting when that happens.